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Monday, April 9, 2018

Meaning of Color

When we design a software sometime we confused to use color in GUI.
So this meaning can help you to build a good GUI.

What does the color mean?

RED Color => warmth, love, anger, danger, boldness, excitement, speed,
strength, energy, determination, desire, passion, courage, socialism

PINK Color => feminine, love, caring, nurture

ORANGE Color => cheerfulness, low cost, affordability, enthusiasm,
stimulation, creativity, aggression, food, halloween, liberal (politics)

YELLOW Color => attention-grabbing, comfort, liveliness, cowardice,
hunger, optimism, overwhelm, Summer, comfort, liveliness, intellect,
happiness, energy, conflict

GREEN Color => durability, reliability, environmental, luxurious,
optimism, well-being, nature, calm, relaxation, Spring, safety, honesty,
optimism, harmony, freshness

BLUE Color => peace, professionalism, loyalty, reliability, honor, trust,
melancholia, boredom, coldness, Winter, depth, stability, professionalism,

PURPLE Color => power, royalty, nobility, elegance, sophistication,
artificial, luxury, mystery, royalty, elegance, magic

GRAY Color => conservatism, traditionalism, intelligence, serious, dull,

BROWN Color => relaxing, confident, casual, reassuring, nature, earthy,
solid, reliable, genuine, Autumn, endurance

BLACK Color => Elegance, sophistication, formality, power, strength,
illegality, depression, morbidity, night, death

WHITE Color => Cleanliness, purity, newness, virginity, peace, innocence,
simplicity, sterility, snow, ice, cold

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